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We provide local carvers, seamstresses, cottage workers and the arts community a venue to market their artistry.

Nunavut Development Corporation

The Nunavut Development Corporation is a Public Agency of the Government of Nunavut.  Established with the creation of Nunavut on April 1st, 1999, the Nunavut Development Corporation is mandated to:

  • Create employment and income opportunities for residents of Nunavut, especially those in smaller communities
  • Stimulate the growth and development of local businesses
  • Promote economic diversity and long-term stability

The Corporation’s enabling legislation, the Nunavut Development Corporation Act, along with its Investment Policies and Guidelines establishes NDC’s investment framework and sets out reporting metrics.  The Corporation tables its annual report in Nunavut’s Legislative Assembly where its financial position is reported and its job creation activity is quantified.

Many of the Corporation’s initiatives are in sectors which can be characterized as high cost / high overhead but are sectors which provide important employment and income earning opportunities for many of our residents. With nine subsidiaries in seven Nunavut communities, along with numerous economic partnerships with other Nunavut communities and businesses the Corporation provides valuable employment and incoming earning opportunities for many of our residents who participate in Nunavut’s arts and crafts, commercial fishing, fur fashions and food production sectors.

We are committed to Nunavut and serving Nunavummiut; Nunavut is by far the most important market for all of the products we produce at our subsidiaries and through our project involvement. Our overall marketing strategy is simple; target your products to the customers and markets that most appreciate and value them. In targeting Nunavut we help minimize the distance to far removed markets and we ensure a supply of high quality and truly Nunavut items that resonate deeply with our residents and visitors to our territory alike.

This is not to say that we do not value markets outside of our Territory; we take very seriously all of our commercial relationships whether in Nunavut, the NWT, Canada or beyond. We are always looking to build new commercial relationships so as to open up new avenues for our talented artisans, harvesters, seamstresses, and processing facilities to target their unique finished goods; we take this role very seriously as well.